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TikTok Vs Instagram : Which one Wins the Social Media in 2021 ?

As Both are extremely popular these days, we’ve decided to present a comparison for TikTok Vs Instagram. Then you can choose the right platform for your social marketing.

TikTok Vs Instagram

Instagram’s influencer market is estimated to be worth over $1.7 billion dollars. More than half a million sponsored posts have been posted on Instagram in 2020 so far. While 89% of marketers say Instagram is the most important channel for influencer marketing, newcomer TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular platforms in the world in less than two years and a rising platform for influencers.

As TikTok continues to surge in popularity, you may be wondering whether it is time to pivot your attention from solely focusing on Instagram to launch your influencer marketing campaigns. TikTok is already showing some promising potential at engaging its users in creative and effective ways. However, there are still some important factors that you should consider before you decide to diversify your marketing budget across the two platforms.

The Table Comparison: TikTok Vs Instagram

As you will read below, we have listed how each platform is best for influencer marketing campaigns.

The Perks of Instagram

When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is a tried and tested method for brands to reach audiences. It is currently the preferred social media platform of choice for brands to market on, with 79% predominantly using Instagram to share their influencer marketing campaigns.

Average Instagram user spends 28 minutes per day on the platform. One-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses. Consequently, the likelihood of a brand’s message to be more visible is also far higher.

79% of brands are using Instagram to share their influencer marketing campaigns

Instagram is the undisputed home for influencers. It could be argued that the rise of Instagram was intricately tied to the rise of influencer marketing.

For these reasons, we can see why choosing Instagram to launch a marketing campaign would seem the obvious choice for brands. Marketers have plenty of tools to refine their advertising reach. Instagram gives control to brands in targeting specific demographics based on gender, age, location, interests, and more.

Instagram also allows for advertisements to include click-throughs to shopping links, which can create a clear path to sales. Engagement rates and audience reach can also be tracked. So brands have many tools to keep track of the success.

The Table Comparison: TikTok Vs Instagram

The Perks of TikTok

There are a number of differences between how TikTok and Instagram.

Firstly, TikTok is a video-only platform. This differs from Instagram, which gives brands and users the luxury of utilizing both photo and video content to share on their stories, feeds, and IGTV channels.

In addition, TikTok and Instagram have a much different audience share.

59% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24.

Brands have three options when marketing with TikTok. They can either use paid advertising placements, organic influencer placements, or share original content on their brand account.

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There are a number of paid campaign options including brand takeovers, which show users an advertisement as soon as they open the app; in-feed video advertisements; and hashtag challenges. For the time being, the available performance metrics for these kinds of campaigns center on reach and engagement.

Brands can create organic influencer placements as they would on Instagram by teaming up with popular TikTokers and tasking them with crafting and sharing specific branded content.

Brands can also create their own accounts from which they can share their own messages, and through this invite, fans to engage further with their message.

Platform Demographics-TikTok Vs Instagram

Instagram is the leading app in influencer marketing. In our 2019 survey, 89% of marketers found Instagram to be the most strategically important social channel for influencer marketing. With an estimated $20 billion valuation, Instagram is a monolith in revenue and has so far earned over 113x more revenue than TikTok. Its $20 billion valuation is due in part to influencer marketing on the app, a market that we estimate to be around $1.7 billion.

While both apps are comparable in age demographics, geographically they differ. Out of Instagram’s 1.8 billion users, the United States leads with the highest representation at 12%. In contrast, India and Brazil remain the top two countries accounting for most of TikTok’s downloads, the US in the third-place with over 3%.

The two apps also have a varying degree of gender distribution. TikTok gender demographics show a male to female representation of 55.6% and 44.4%, respectively. TikTok’s slight male user preference contrasts with Instagram’s higher presence of female users, 65% female to 35% male.

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TikTok Vs Instagram: Summary

There are a number of clear differences between Instagram and TikTok. You should consider these items when deciding on which platform to launch your marketing campaign.

1. Targeting Options: Firstly, while Instagram allows for more specific targeting with paid advertising placements, TikTok currently only allows brands to target geographical regions. However, with a much larger appeal with younger users, TikTok is the perfect platform to begin creating a relationship with this demographic.

2. User Base: Instagram is currently used by more users worldwide and has proven lasting appeal. TikTok, on the other hand, is a new frontier that is yet fully to fully realize its potential. Its users are highly engaged and adept at creating impactful content. Advertising options like hashtag challenges encourage users to creatively interact with your product. It simultaneously provide the potential to go viral across multiple platforms.

TikTok Vs Instagram: Summary

3. Shared Content: The major differences right now seem to be the kind of content uploaded to both. TikTok’s numerous editing tools and songs library allow for creators to craft more narrative-driven stories within the app, which is perfect for advertisers hoping to recruit users to tell a more creative message about their brand.

Done well, this is hugely important for building brand awareness and has already shown major success. However, with Instagram providing a way to build sales by targeting more specific demographics, brands hoping to achieve conversions should for the time being stick to Instagram.

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Which one wins in 2021? TikTok Vs Instagram

These results indicate that in addition to gaining more users than Instagram, TikTok is also earning the attention of top power users. This trend is likely to continue and will affect the $1.7 billion dollar Instagram influencer market and influencer marketing as a whole.

As users and influencers alike emerge on TikTok, marketers should determine the proper channel(s) ( Instagram, TikTok, or both) to best suit their marketing needs.


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