Themes for Instagram: 14 creative Ideas for your content

If you are new to Instagram and are hesitant about how to get started, you definitely need a new Instagram Theme to change the mood. If your Instagram feed seems boring to you, you can try Themes for Instagram account.

Themes for Instagram

There are many themes for Instagram, but you should keep in mind that your Instagram feed is a reflection of who you are and what your interests are.

You don’t have to follow certain rules when creating an Instagram theme. There is no law! It is you who make the rules for yourself.

One of the factors in creating a beautiful and popular theme is that you should maintain your style. Moreover, you need to be consistent.

Here are 18 popular Instagram themes from which you can get ideas and customize your Instagram:

1. Instagram themes idea: “written text in the middle”

In this Instagram theme, the posts in the middle are usually the famous sentences or quotes written on a white background. But it’s entirely up to you, you may want to use a different background color or text.

Instagram themes

2. Creative theme ideas: “Horizontal order”

The design is such that the audience feels like they are reading a magazine or newspaper.

You can be creative and illustrate one story in each row.

For example, you can place photos of a project in one row. But each photo can show one side of the project. This way you can increase Instagram engagement.

Creative theme ideas: "Horizontal order"

3. Themes for Instagram: “mosaic”

One of the most popular examples of this theme is to publish a photo and text one by one.

Additionally, if you have a portfolio, you can use a mosaic theme to publish them.

Instagram mosaic theme

4. “Rainbow theme” on Instagram

This theme is less commonly used on Instagram, but when you see a feed with a rainbow theme, the mood is very fascinating.

You can see that each row consists of three posts with the same color theme, and of course, cold or neutral colors have no place in it.

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5. Themes for Instagram: “Puzzle Theme”

In this theme, all the photos are somehow related and by putting them together, a bigger image is formed.

Of course, you should pay attention to the fact that each image has a meaning and concept separately so that the audience does not get tired of seeing it.

Using the Instagram puzzle theme, you can also display large and detailed photos in the form of various posts.

Instagram Puzzle Theme

6. Themes for Instagram “white frame”

Using a white frame is one of the easiest ways to start a theme on Instagram. Even if you have completely different images with different colors, the white frame will give some kind of order to your Instagram feed.

In addition, the white frame separates the photos, as if your photos are breathing easily!

7. “black frame” theme for IG

The black frame on Instagram is extremely rare. So, if you want to have a unique feed, it is better add this frame to your photos on Instagram.

A black frame is a great choice for photos with a dark background. In addition, minimal photos will look great with a black frame.

You can use different Photo Editing Apps to add frames or edit you photos in the best way possible.

8. “Rectangular Instagram theme”

This theme is very different and at the same time extraordinary.

If you want your audience to focus on one part of the photo, it is better to use a rectangular theme. With this theme, details and colors are more visible. Why? Because each photo is surrounded by a lot of white space, the image itself is completely in the spotlight.

"Rectangular Instagram theme"

9. “One filter” theme for Instagram

If you are just starting out and have no idea how to get started, we recommend that you use this theme. All you have to do is put a fixed filter on all your photos.

This filter will be the main feature of your Instagram feed from now on.

When you do this consistently, people will recognize your photos as soon as they see one.

Use a suitable filter according to your mood. Moreover, you should consider your content.

10. “white background” as Instagram Theme

White background give a beautiful format and mood to your Instagram feed. But you should note that this theme will be your lifestyle.

You have to shoot constantly in white spaces, so if your home or surroundings are very white and you have a lot of white objects, this theme is very suitable for you.

11. “Black and white” Instagram theme

If you like adventure, we suggest you the black and white theme!

This theme is very powerful because it does not use any additional colors.

By doing this, you can show the beauty of your images to the audience in the most direct way possible.

"Black and white" Instagram theme

12.  Themes for Instagram: “Solid color combination”

In this case, you choose one, two or three specific colors and use them constantly in your posts.

In fact, these colors are the main features of your feed that are repeatedly exposed to the audience.

Especially if you want to promote your brand  or make money on Instagram, using this theme allows your audience to track your posts as soon as they see them.

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13.  “Minimalist” Themes for Instagram

If you want to challenge your creativity, this theme is the best option for you!

In this theme, the smallest details of each photo are so powerful that they tell a story.


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14. “Fixed component” as Instagram Theme

In this theme, you have to consider a static object and use it in all your photos with creative methods.

If you have an important tool in your life that you will leave behind, this theme is for you!


This blog post was to show you where to start, how to plan your feed and how to achieve a consistent theme. If you need inspiration or just want to change your Instagram feed, you can consider one of the options above.

There are so many different Instagram themes you can create: borders or no borders, bright or dark, puzzle or rainbow? So many choices, so much fun. Which one did you love the most?

Above all, your Instagram theme is a reflection of who you are and what you love. Don’t feel like you have to stick to “rules”. There are no rules. You make your own rules. The secret to making a beautiful theme is to love what you share and stick to your style.

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