IGTV Strategy : Top 10 Tips to Your Instagram jump-start

IGTV strategy is game-changing for the platform. The fairly new addition to Instagram has transformed the platform from a photo-sharing space to video-sharing one. With such a huge transition, marketers are still learning.


What is IGTV and How Can Brands use it for Marketing?

IGTV  is a new feature exclusively for Instagram videos. Its goal is to share high-quality long videos. If you’re a heavy user of social media and apps, you’ve probably noticed they are being updated all the time to meet the needs of users. The Introduction of IGTV With people spending more time viewing online video, it’s […]


How To Obtain and Share Testimonials On Instagram

In recent years, Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media platforms for brands of all sizes and shapes. It’s possible to convince your Instagram followers to buy from you by social proof. One of them is: Testimonials On Instagram! Testimonials On Instagram According to one report, more and more people discover new products […]


Top Instagram Trends in 2021 that you should keep track of

With 50% of people on Instagram following at least one business page, and more than 1 billion monthly active users, it’s safe to say Instagram is a massive marketing tool. Therefore, staying on top of the latest Instagram trends is the only way you’ll ensure you stay on top. 10 popular Instagram trends Following a […]

Subway Surfers

Shell Shockers

Crazy Roll


Cut the Rope



Tunnel Rush

LOL Beans

slope game

Temple Run

Cat Trap Game

Free Racing

Moto X3M

Clash of Clans

Run 3