Best Instagram Marketing Tools To Boost Your Social Media Presence

As Instagram marketing Tools become less of a choice and more of a necessity for your business. It can be frustrating to have yet another social media account to post content to and promote. What’s an Instagrammer to do?

Powerful Instagram marketing Tools:

Instagram marketing apps help influencers:

  • Design and edit images and videos on-the-go
  • Create stunning collages and graphics
  • Monitor account health
  • Track each post for user engagement

There is no shortage of Instagram management apps in the marketplace. In fact, the choices can be enough to overwhelm you.

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Photo Editing Instagram Marketing App

VSCO on Instagram

VSCO is your basic software for image enhancement. You get all the basic presents for free, which allows you to make your photos look sharper. For $19.99 a year, you can get all VSCO filters to support your creativity.

These $20 may be a good investment since VSCO offers a lot of tutorials and inspiration. In the image-driven world of Instagram that may make or break your success. Also Read:

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Afterlight for marketing on Instagram

Afterlight is a pocket photo editor app for those Instagram aficionados who don’t want to mingle with Photoshop. It allows both using present filters and creating something truly unique with advanced tools. You can create a double exposure in a couple of clicks or shift the whole color palette of your photo.

And if you’re looking for a simple Instagram resizer, there are a lot of apps that let you resize your image without cropping. Search for “square and crop” … but just watch the reviews because some apps make you jump through hoops to use the service.  

Instagram content and hashtag apps

One of the most popular categories for Instagram marketing apps is apps for reposting Instagram content. If you search your app store for “repost,” you’ll see a number of different apps that do the same job.

Re-grammer as Instagram Marketing App

One of the best use cases for these reposting apps is with user-generated content. You can use reposting apps like Re-grammer to curate images from your community, reshare them to your Instagram profile, and give the original poster all the credit. These apps make that whole process easy — all you have to do is discover the content you want to reshare, and the apps add attribution for you in the caption text as well as on the photo, with a subtle tag in the corner.

IG tools: Hashtag Expert

Another hashtag favorite is Hashtag Expert for Instagram. This app is really quite robust with different suggestion algorithms to choose from, a trending hashtag section, and more. When you enter your desired Instagram hashtag and see the list of suggestions from Hashtag Expert, you can pick and choose which ones to keep and then copy your new list to take straight into Instagram.

Instagram Video Apps

InShot for IG

InShot has an edge over other free video editors owing to its remarkable features and user-friendly interface. Its GLITCH video effect was nominated for the google play best of awards in 2019.

It lets you trim, merge, and splice videos. You can add voice overs to your vlogs or pick free clips from their library. It is a rich lineup of animated stickers that can be added to videos. You can caption and sync text snippets to accompany your video content.

FilmoraGo for Instagrammers

Wondershare’s FilmoraGo app is great for beginners who are testing the waters. It lets you preview edited videos in real time. You can merge videos and stills, apply transitions to frames, and add themes and filters.

It lets you delay or speed up videos, and create videos that run in reverse. It gives you the option of adjusting the screen ratio to 1:1 (suitable for Instagram) or 16:9. Without spending a penny, you can download several transitions, overlays, music, and elements.

Their support center has comprehensive step-by-step tutorials in multiple languages. You can also hobnob with the community and learn new editing hacks.

Analytics apps for Instagram Marketing

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Analytics apps for Instagram Marketing

Snoopreport app for Instagram

It is something different in the family of Instagram marketing tools. This tool allows you to have a sneak peek into any Instagram profile. You can see what they like on the platform, who they follow,  what do they comment, and what hashtags do they search.

You can use this to see what is your competitor’s strategy, what your target audience finds interesting, and what influencers can you collaborate with. Snoopreport starts at $14.99, but you get the most of it if you pay $44.99 per month for a business plan.

Follow Meter among Instagram tools

For something a bit more lightweight, you can check out Follow Meter, which gives you stats about your Instagram followers. You get all the great demographic information you could want, but you can also see who is following you back, who your top followers are, and more.

It’s not a standalone mobile app – yet — but if you’re keen to give it a go, you can learn more over at

When you’re running an Instagram account for a business versus your personal use, it can be a huge help to plan out a calendar of posts

Instagram Marketing Tools: ScheduGram

ScheduGram is the most interesting tool on this list. They’re fascinatingly old-school—the website references carrying multiple phones to access different accounts—and they use a physical pool of phones to post for you. Curious allure aside, it does work!

Cost: $20/month for one Instagram account

Hopper as a marketing tool

Hopper advertises itself as “The Ultimate Instagram Scheduler,” which manages everything from posting to multiple accounts, editing photos, reposting, commenting, and more. Best part? It can all be managed from your desktop; because let’s be real, being bent over a mobile screen at work isn’t a good look.

Cost: Starts at $19/month for one account

Later and marketing tools on Instagram

later for Instagram marketing This Instagram marketing tool claims to be the #1 Marketing Platform for Instagram and you can find more evidence to dispute that. What makes Later so simple and awesome is the ability to visually plan a calendar of posts—how appropriate for a visual social media platform—and they are one of the few platforms that has managed to break into Instagram to post in real-time for you. You can also use Later with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


Cost: Free

Instagram marketing tools: Hootsuite

It not only syncs up to your other social media accounts, but it has now incorporated Instagram as well. Though you cannot directly schedule posts, they allow you to respond to comments on your Instagram posts, repost, view likes, etc. from the Hootsuite interface.  

Instagram Stories Apps

Unfold for IG

Unfold is one of our top Instagram Stories design picks. The app has over 150 Story templates to choose from, plus unique stickers and its own Unfold camera. You can create some really stunning visuals in Unfold without needing a full set of design skills!

StoryArt for Instagram marketing

It is another Instagram Stories design app, comes with a huge number of templates plus a selection of covers and themes to choose from. Both Unfold and StoryArt come very highly rated in the App Stores. We think you’ll get a lot of value from them! Also Read: Instagram Stories Stickers: Make Your Stories Stand Out!    


In short, there are plenty of tools out there to help with your Instagram marketing efforts. To choose wisely, you should first formulate your business goals for Instagram. Are you looking to use it for brand exposure or to simplify purchasing? Are you going to carry out social media campaigns on Instagram? Will you use it for market research?

After you’ve established your goals, choose a couple of tools with free trials according to your key objectives, try them out, and go from there. I would, however, suggest you give one or two tools outside of your usual list a try once in a while – after all, sometimes you don’t even realize you need a tool for something until you’ve tried it.

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